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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Client Testimony

"It was very convenient to have settlement at my home."
Cara L. C.

"Dealing with TITLE, inc. was fast, friendly and very professional."
Patrick J. W.

"The title company for the initial purchase of our home was a disaster. The gentleman [you sent] to our home was wonderful. He was professional and all documents were in order. Any questions we had, he answered. The whole process was a welcome relief, after the disaster we'd experienced before with a different title company."
Sally P. S.

"The fact that you came to my house was very convenient and satisfying."
Barbara A. B.

"Thank You for making the process very seamless. Our processor was great. Thanks."
Anthony J. C.

"I could not have asked for a more pleasant, professional title meeting. You should be proud to have such an exceptional representative on your staff: Knowledgeable, focused, and responsive."
T. C.

"We here at [company name] thank you and welcome your business. I've noticed the settlement packages that we received, you all take pride in what you do, which is so important to us, so once again, Thanks."
Mary S.

"After settlement, there was a problem with the local taxes on my home. When I called [TITLE, inc.] and explained the problem, which was with the local tax office, it was taken care of quickly. This prevented my taxes from being late or not getting there at all. Thanks!"
Irene L.

"The responses I receive from my refinace customers and my agent's purchase customers are never short of utter amazement in the service and professionalism in which you have handled their settlements. I also wanted to share, on behalf of my processing staff, their gratitude and joy of having a title partner that is so easy to work with. Please don't change a thing."
Robert O.

"My experience with TITLE, inc was great. Everything was organized and the entire settlement process did not take very long at all. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to do a real estate transaction in the near future!"
Richard P. Jr.

"[In choosing my title agency], your attitude for service made a difference."
Felix P.

"As an established credit union, we believe it is critical to find a comparable match in the title industry to offer the best service to our members. Many of our members have voiced their high level of satisfaction with the closing agents that conduct settlement as well as any corporate employee they have come into contact with. You provide a great product at competitive prices and back it up with great customer service."
Barry S. A.

"I have been personally contacted by several of our clients who wanted to compliment the professionalism of your in house staff and closing agents. This helps my company reinforce to our customers that we consider them 'Clients for Life.'" 
Ryan C. L.

"Going above and beyond is not a rare exception, but a regular occurrence. I would not have any problem putting my name on the line referring any mortgage company to TITLE, inc."
D. Brooke P.

"I have increased my sales with my Real Estate Agent due to the service that your company has provided to us both. You have proven there is no company like yours; therefore you will forever earn my business."
Ron R.

"Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for all you did to help us close on our house. All of your hard work has not gone unnoticed. I will continue to use TITLE, inc. as my title company and plan to refer you to all my investor friends. I look forward to interacting with you in the near future."
Dee H.

"Thanks to you and your staff for a terrific job closing 24 ******** and also 2110 ********. The professionalism and expertise is quite high."
Ben F. III

"Their knowledge of the residential and commercial title business puts them steps ahead of other companies. The attention to detail and incredible turn around time on orders allows me to focus on other issues. I expect nothing but 110%, and have never received anything less from TITLE, inc."
Lexis K.

"TITLE, inc. is the epitome of hard work and efficiency. It is a commonality among their entire staff. ANYONE who answers their phone can help you find the answers you need and help close the loan."
Ryan M. S.

"Your capability to accommodate a 2 part signing on different dates and in different states, not to mention fulfilling the legal requirements of the State of GA, was an example of the above-and-beyond service your company promotes."
Chris H.

"Throughout my experience as a mortgage professional, I have come across many title agencies that have fallen well short of their commitment; however, I truly believe your firm sets the standard for excellence in title services."
Angel M.

"Thank you for always providing quick and accurate service. Your firm has proven to be a tremendous asset. Most recently I requested an updated payoff with your firm to which I received minutes after receipt. It is the small things that envelope the true customer service approach your company provides daily."
DaJuana M. D.

"You have been extremely helpful in this process and I just wanted to share my gratitude, again. While I'd like it to be so, it's not always the case that people working in your field, and in other fields who are "customer facing" are as helpful and pleasant as you have been. 

Thanks so much - I will definitely refer you to anyone I know looking for a Title Company."

Robin S.

"Let me tell you that you are WONDERFUL!!!!"
Jamie L.

"The title company was fabulous. Very accommodating and professional."
Karen S.

"We both wanted to let you know of our appreciation for your kind gesture and most importantly, your stellar service."
Tim R. and Derek S.

"You guys just happen to be better than everyone else... our members love you guys. TITLE, inc. does better title work than anyone else I've seen. Nobody has anything on you"
Barry A.


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